Critical Theory – A Collection of Book Reviews & Argument Summaries

One of the main purposes of this website is for the author, Julian Shaw, to maintain a collection of his reviews of core academic texts. Academic texts that venture into philosophy, political theory, and geography. The reviews take the form of entire book reviews and detailed argument summaries.

Each of the reviews are protected by an access password to avoid uncountable plagiarism of Julian’s work. If you want to read any of the reviews on this site, Julian kindly requests that you email him ( with a brief description of the review that you want to read, and why you want to read it. If Julian is happy with your request he will send you an access password.


BookReviewsThere is also a page for you to see what Julian is currently reading (or has recently finished). If you want to see a review of a chapter or book that he is currently reading, just like the relevant page and he will do his best to prioritise this review.

Julian hopes you enjoy exploring all of the reading that he has done…